Rebuild Carles!

Help Filipino Families Displaced by Typhoon Haiyan Rebuild Their Homes

Devastation in Carles

Philippine news service, GMA News, visits Carles and tells the people’s story of grief and hunger and their plea for assistance.

Key events in the video:

  • Village Representative, Susi Aningat, travels miles every day to the municipal hall to seek food and water.  She often leaves without any relief to bring back.  (Time mark 0:43/4:19)
  • In one occasion, she had to bring back the sacks of rice she obtained because they were spoiled.  (1:10/4:19)
  • Susi pleads for help from anyone who can provide support because the relief goods are not reaching them where the island villages of Carles are located. (1:17/4:19)
  • Evelyn, the Social Welfare Officer, is asked why aid is not reaching much of Carles or why they are not able to provide relief for everyone.  She indicates that they are wholly dependent on donations, and there’s often not enough to support all of the villagers’ needs. (1:34/4:19)
  • GMA News accompanies Susi Aningat to lobby for food and water for one of the villages in Carles.  (1:47/4:19)
  • GMA News and Susi Aningat heads to one of the island villages of Carles, along the way seeing ships that have been overturned by the typhoon. (2:30/4:19)
  • When they arrive on the island village, they see many fishing boats and homes destroyed.   They are immediately greeted by children; hunger is on their faces. They begin to distribute the food/supplies that Susi was able to obtain that day.  (2:54/4:19)
  • Some of the women villagers expressed their pleas for help from loved ones in Manila and elsewhere in the Philippines. (3:10/4:19)
  • The people also appeal to the Philippine president for help. (3:30/4:19)
  • GMA News correspondent indicates that some aid from the GMA Kapuso Foundation has reached Carles.  Helicopters bringing in supplies have signaled hope to the people that some relief goods are getting to them, but still has not been enough.  He states that the people hope for more expedient arrival of help. (2:54/4:19)

Below are images of homes located in the village of Barosbos (Carles, Iloilo) that were completely destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan….This is the village in Carles where Helen grew up.











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