Rebuild Carles!

Help Filipino Families Displaced by Typhoon Haiyan Rebuild Their Homes


Q: Why is your target amount $10,000?
A: This is an achievable amount given the timeframe of the fundraising campaign.  Our initial campaign ended January 1, 2014 — where we raised $5000, bringing us halfway to our goal.  The ongoing show support from kind-hearted people allow us to continue aiming for our target amount.  A suggested amount of $100 from 50 generous people can make all the difference in the world to these families.  Of course, any amount is most welcome as we hope to surpass this goal and raise even more funds to help additional families in need.

Q: Why are you planning to support only 15 families?
A:  We estimated that a 2-bedroom, small, but strong home costs approximately $650 (US).  The homes would be constructed using a combination of cement bricks and sturdy bamboo.  We’d love to provide even stronger homes, wholly made of cement bricks, for the people of Carles if possible.  The estimated cost of a home that is fully made of cement bricks is approximately $4000.  Our aim is to help as many families as possible, and we thank you in advance for your generosity.

Q:  How will you determine which 15 families will receive the funds?
A:  We will start with families that care for the elderly and have small children.  We will establish a lottery approach to fairly identify which families will receive the funds.

Q:  What is the US Dollar to Philippine Peso exchange rate?
A:  $1.00 (US) = ₱44.00 (PHP) estimated.  To see today’s exchange rate, please visit Bloomberg.

Q: Is my donation secure?
A:  You are providing your donation via PayPal.  Please review PayPal’s Safety and Security Information.

Q: How will the donated funds get to Carles?
A:  We have set up a separate bank account through CapitalOne360 for the Rebuild Carles effort.  We have a corresponding bank account in the Philippines.  We will cover the transfer fees for the secure transfer of these funds.

Q: Why is the campaign until January 1, 2014?
A:  Relief is needed now.  We hope to reach the aim of raising $10,000 even sooner.  Let’s all given them hope in the New Year!

If you have additional questions, please send an email to  Thank you, in advance, for your support!


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